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 For locals and visitors alike; Dunnville is a welcoming community offering something to everyone, from camping and outdoor activities to shopping and everything in between.

Dunnville is a unique and quiet town. Once a bustling port town and entrance to the Welland Feeder Canal until it closed in 1885. The Grand River originally controlled the flow of water into the Welland Canal. With its impassable damn at Port Maitland; it increases or decreases the water flow as needed. In 1887 the Welland Canal began to take its water directly from the Lake Erie.

Dunnville incorporated as a village in 1860 and as a town in 1900. In 1974 the town amalgamated with the townships of Dunn, Canborough, Moulton and Sherbrooke; forming the Regional Municipality of Haldimand-Norfolk.

This small town draws vacationers and visitors from all around with its festivals and natural attractions. The annual Mudcat Festival is held in June to celebrate one of the Grand River’s most well-known inhabitants. The festival includes a parade, strongman contests, midway, fireworks and more. Another popular event is the Agricultural Fair, held in late August which includes horse shows, sheep and goat shows.

The Grand River and nearby Lake Erie offer a host of aquatic activities from swimming, sailing, wind-surfing, canoeing and features prime locations for fishing. Tourists and locals can hike through Byng Island Conservation Area or Rock Point Provincial Park where fossils and natural beauty can be seen. Enjoy a stroll along Port Maitland’s beautiful pier and have an ice cream at the Port Maitland BBQ.

In the fall; Rock Point is host to thousands of Monarch butterflies which stop to rest prior to taking the long journey south to Mexico for the winter. Dunnville is also the site of one of the largest expanses of provincially significant wetlands in Ontario. It is perfect for bird watching and nature photography.

The former World War II RCAF Training Base; now the Dunnville Airport. It offers a unique window on history with its massive hangars and runways. The airport is now used for recreational flying and skydiving. You will find Haldimand County’s newest museum – The No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum at the airport!

Local Schools include Dunnville Secondary School, St. Michael’s Catholic School, Dunnville Christian School, Fairview Avenue Public School, Dunnville Central Public School, Thompson Creek Elementary School, Grandview Public School, Anna Melick Public School and the Faith Jubilee Academy.

Haldimand War Memorial Hospital provides for local residents health care. Many retirement homes are located in Dunnville including Grandview Lodge, Albright Centre and Shalom Manor and Gardens. This allows local elderly to stay in the small town they love in their twilight years.

Relocating to the Dunnville area is easy with very affordable real estate both in town and in the rural outer boundaries. Team Neumann is available to help you find the perfect home. We will walk you through the home buying experience step by step and provide you all the information you will need to make the best and most educated home purchase.

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